Best Electric Guitar Strings 2017

When it comes to choosing the strings for your guitar, you must remember that it should have good sustain and must give high output to reach the audience. Playing the guitar has become the favorite pastime for the youth of a present generation. After a tiring day or in a desolate place, there can be no best companion than the guitar. Music is considered to the food for mind and soul. If you are a proficient guitar player, you do not need anyone to talk to when you feel a bit down or lonely. There are several things that must be taken into consideration. When it comes to buying a guitar, you must be aware of which are the best models available on the market. The guitar that you will choose must have the best strings which will not tear easily even if you play for long hours. The strings must be so that with each strumming, it is you; the player can feel the quality. Moreover, strings of best quality reduce finger noise to a great extent. You might have a wonderful setup but if the right decision is not made when it comes to the strings, your performance will not up to your expectation level. Thus, make a right choice for the guitar strings. To know about the best guitar strings, to be precise, electric guitar strings, here goes the list which you can consider before buying.


Top 5 Best Electric Guitar Strings

Guitar Model
Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Set4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
D'Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
Elixir Strings 19052 Coated Nickel4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
DR Strings NMCE-10 DR NEON Electric Strings4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
Fender 3250 Super Bullets4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price


D'Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar StringsIt is a widely known and believed that consumers prefer to buy the branded product, that is to say, all in the name. This is certainly not an exception with electric guitar strings. When you want the best quality strings for your electric guitar, you must consider the strings of this company. Construction is indeed a key component when it comes to the performance of the string, and this particular company offers to its clientele a wide variety of construction method: round wound, flat wound and half wound. String alloys too can have a significant impact on the feel, tone as well as string life. This company also offers a diverse range of electric string alloys: steel, pure nickel, nickel-plated steel. Steel is the most corrosion resistant and brightest wire, and pro steel strings are preferred by the metal, jazz and country players as they need highly textured and crunchy tone feel. Pure nickel strings are preferred by the vintage players and this type of string delivers slightly “broken in” tone. If you want to get a smooth tune, then nickel-plated strings can be the option for you. D’addario makes use of the most natural coated technology for manufacturing strings for the enteric guitar. They make use of EXP coated technology.

Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Regular SlinkyWhen it comes to looking for the best quality strings for your favorite electric guitar, the one name that you can trust completely and blindly is the Ernie Ball. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of the strings of all kinds of guitar. Every guitar player wants perfect tonal quality and sound while playing the guitar onstage. With the use of the strings specially designed for electric guitar by Ernie Ball, you will certainly get the sound and tonal quality that you have been looking for. Musicians of international repute like Slash, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, John Mayer and Metallica trust completely Ernie Ball for producing their signature sound. You will find a wide array of options. If you want to earn acclamation from the crowd, then your pick must be the Slinky for your electric guitar. It will help you to make the crowd to their seat with your rendition. The perfectly balanced tone is what is assured with the use of Ernie Ball electric guitar strings. When you think of electric guitar strings of the finest quality, you can think of Ernie Ball.


Elixir Strings 19052 Coated NickelWhen it comes to choosing for your electric guitar, Elixir strings are considered to be unparalleled. It is exquisitely crafted and delivers detail, presence and punch like traditional guitar strings. With the use of the Elixir strings, you will certainly get the tone that you have been longing for a long time. The strings are wonderful and will stand up to your expectation level. After using once, you will think of buying it again when you proceed to buy strings for your electric guitar. When it comes to tone life indeed Elixir is unmatched. According to the players, the tone produces using Elixir Strings lasts longer when compared with other strings whether coated or uncoated. The strings of electric guitars manufactured by Elixir are available with three kinds of coating:  Polyweb, Nanoweb and Optiweb coatings. The players can choose the coating according to their need and requirement. All the coatings have the same extended tonal life and protection but only differ in feel and tone. Either you choose coated or uncoated string; you will get the same effect while playing onstage. Hence buying of the right strings is the judicious way of giving a boost to your setup. Unless you choose the right string, your performance will never reach the zenith.

DR Strings

DR Strings NMCE-10 DR NEONIn this competitive age, there is immense competition in every field. If there is no competition, there is no success. With the existence of several guitar string companies and each claiming to be the best in the market, it indeed becomes difficult for the guitar players to choose the best string available in the market for their electric guitar.  DR is a prominent company in the field of electric sting manufacturing. The strings that are made for the electric guitars are handmade and are sure to produce the finest tune when played.  A wide variety of strings is available for the electric guitars that are handmade. They make use various string alloys for manufacturing the best strings for the guitar. With complete dedication, untiring labor coupled with love DR manufactures the finest strings for the electric guitars. Not only they make use of a wide variety of a string alloys for manufacturing guitar but also make use of a broad spectrum of construction method.  With the use of the strings from the house of DR, you will indeed reach the pinnacle in your performance, whether a pro or a learner, both can spot the difference in tune when DR strings are used for playing.


Fender 3250 Super BulletsSince its inception, Fender electric guitar strings have become immensely popular among the budding musician.  With the use of the strings from the house of Fender, you will get the sound that an individual can expect from a reputed brand. Your performance will be at its best with the use of the strings from Fender. It is specially designed for the solo players. Fender has combined sharp steel with nickel thus making it an ultimate choice for the musicians who play fast, hard and for an extended period. With the use of these strings, you will get a smooth feel, and eventually, the finger noise reduces to a great extent. The strings are uniquely designed that produced the balanced, warm and rich tone. With dedication, commitment, innovation and details, they manufacture strings. When you make use of fender strings, stay assured that your rendition will be the best, crisp and clear. With every pluck and strum, you can feel the quality of the strings. It is incomparable. It delivers the sound which all the musician wants to achieve with each stroke. Long sustain and high outputs are what Fender strings offer.


It is a human psychology that the best product comes at a high price, but the statement does not hold the truth. If you do a considerable survey, you can get the best product at an affordable price. When you decide to have the finest quality strings for your electric guitar, you must remember that you should start looking for the ones that are within your budget. Getting the premium quality strings doesn’t mean you have to go beyond your means to buy it, to be precise; it must not burn a hole in your pocket. Strings of reputed brands are easily affordable, and they are reasonably priced if you do a considerable amount of research. To get the premium quality strings, you need to keep eyes on the websites of the several strings manufacturing companies.  

It is imperative that you must possess in-depth knowledge about the wide variety of strings that are available for electric guitar. A basic knowledge will help you to get the best quality strings at an affordable price. With the emergence of several brands, you might get confused, but it is advisable that stays calm and focused and must not deviate; eventually you will end up buying the best quality strings for your guitar that will produce the tune that is in search of for a long time. The above-mentioned brand you can consider when it comes to buying the strings for your favorite electric guitar. It is now easier to buy the strings as it is now available online. Online shopping portals are indeed a boon to the lives of humankind. It saves time and is a much hassle-free process of buying. You can buy from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you please and at any time.  

You can visit several online shopping portals to check the price of the strings of different brands each shopping portal is offering. Place the order with the one that gives the competitive price. Premium shopping portals deliver the product on-time at the doorstep of the clientele and do not charge a single penny for shipping; they even offer flexible return and exchange policy to its customers. So, if you want to get the finest tune that is balanced and warm, then wait no more and place the order for the strings for your guitar. Before placing the order, if you want then you can read clients’ reviews.

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