Best Guitar Pedals & Effects – 2017 Reviews

Effects pedals – or guitar pedals – are tiny electrical devices that can be used to manipulate the sound of your guitar in a manner that is determined by the way you use these effects. The note, sound or tone of an electric guitar can be altered with the help of the effect pedal (also known as a “stomp box”).

Various forms of music such as metal, rock, grunge etc. cannot be created with the help of these electric effects and signal configuration. These devices are used along with the amplifier and the electric guitar and the signal received from the guitar is thus altered by them. The effects are assimilated into the pre-existing sound in order to modify them for creative satisfaction. The use of these effects is not limited to just electric guitar: they can also be used in keyboards and electronic synthesizers.

Basically, the sound of any musical instrument that is used in rock, metal, blues etc. can be altered with the help of these guitar pedals and effects. They are conventionally used to create various effects such as the delay, chorus, tremolo, wah wah and many more. It should be kept in mind, however, that these special effects can also be alternatively used to determine factors like the sound of your guitar.

It is extremely important for you to learn the functions and method of usage of these pedals – this is one of the most fulfilling ways of enhancing your creative instinct! Go through the reviews of best guitar pedals and effects to learn more:

Best Distortion Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarThe task set for distortion pedals, basically, is the manipulation of the signals emitted by the guitar. The tone of your guitar will be distorted unabashedly by this distortion pedal. Your guitar tunes are now bound to be laced with undertones and overtones of heavy metal and rock, thanks to these pedals. However, this is not their sole function. They also pump up the signal of the guitar: this depends on sound settings, though. Additionally, the most prominent tone that is identified in regard to the guitar is dependent on the amplifier and pedal and also, of course, on the guitar itself. Locking diodes and a working circuit of transistors can be coupled to create a simple distortion box. This can be done to not only distort the waveform but also enhance the signal.

Top Overdrive Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarOverdrive pedals primarily have two purposes: first is to offer ‘overdrive’ or enhancement so that a tube amplifier is distorted whereas the second is to estimate the tone of a somewhat over enhanced tube amplifier. In general, however, it is seen that these overdrive pedals are set to work for both intentions. The usual overdrive may be heightened to the maximum capacity so that a sort of automatic variation is carried out. This kind of distortion can be noticed when it has been DI’d into a mixing panel that has been fixed quite below the level of overload. If one ends up generating enough of such variation, one can experience the tone being somewhat on the hazy side. These overdrive pedals are usually tools of the soft-clipping kind.

Popular Delay Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarThe delay effect is a sound effect. This helps in saving a signal into the sound memory medium. Post this, it plays the signal after the passage of some time. This delay effect can be used in a variety of ways: you can repeat the signal for a repeated amount of instances or play it into the audio another time which produces the effect of repetitive audio. The latter is alternatively known as decaying echo. These delay effects can be mellow or they are used to create a prominent fusion of old audios and new recordings. In the 1940s, the delay effect was produced with the help of loops of tape. The analog delay, however, was formulated in the 1970s while the pedals with digital effects were introduced in 1984. More recent is the creation of the audio software plugin: this was formulated in the 2000’s.

Great Wah-Wah Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarThe wah wah pedal is pedal that manipulates the sound and frequency of the signal of the guitar: this produces the unique wah wah sound, which is where the pedal gets its name from. Additionally, this pedal produces a tone – a spectral glide of sorts – that has been christened as the ‘wah’ effect. This had originally been developed in the 1920’s by trumpet performers aiming to create a sound that was animated. Now mainly seen in electric guitars, the wah wah pedal is based on the network of electronic circuits. These wah wah pedals are primarily used by a guitar player performing a solo. Alternatively, it is also used by rhythm guitar players who use it to create a funky tone while performing.

Top Rated Chorus Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarThe basic task of a chorus pedal is to replay input signals that are only milliseconds apart – this makes it seem like there are multiple sounds being emitted by the guitar. The more you maximize the depth, the more you enhance the intensity of this chorus effect: more the depth, more is the number of voices. Alteration of the delay time makes the repetitions happen at closer or further intervals. The chorus pedal, in very simple terms, produces a wavy tone. It is the aforementioned repetition that causes this tone. Bands like Guns N’ Roses have been known to employ chorus pedal effects in quite a few of their songs, and it has been, to some extent, due to this innovation that their tunes are so memorable.

Best Compressor Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarWhat compressor pedals actually do is they determine how aggressive or mellow the signal of guitar is: this is done while avoiding any manipulation of sound. For instance, if the sound peaks, the compressor will restrain this peak to a more pragmatic low. On the contrary, if the signal experiences a drop, the very same compressor will enhance your volume to a more crisp level. Additionally, it also clears the sound, making it seem more rich and refined: this is one of the reasons why mixed studio sessions sound so amazing. Alternatively, this same compressor pedal can be used to boost the amplifier. If your panel has a clean boost, or if you are thinking about having one, then a compressor pedal is definitely a boon.

Best Equalizer Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarAn equalizer pedal is definitely the underdog amongst all of the pedals being mentioned. When coupled with a dirt pedal, it can open up a new sonic universe. These pedals have conventionally been made use of as solitary booster, fixed for a variety of decibels. It also provides an alternate sound that can be accessed by the guitarists in the midst of a performance. A high end equalizer pedal is, however, sadly an amazing device that only a few guitar players make good use of. This trend, though, seems to be on the verge of a gradual decline as a lot of new kinds of equalizer pedals have flooded the market – ranging from small scale to large scale.

Recommended Reverb Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Reverb can be an incredible apparatus in your stockpile to help make your guitar playing more expressive. There does not exist excessively numerous strict tenets about utilizing the reverb pedal effect. Yet there are a few rules that should be thought of.

Most importantly, the reverb pedal ought to be as near the finish of your pedal chain as could be possible under the circumstances, and in the effect loop of your amplifier, in the event that you have one. The explanation behind this is if you are utilizing different effects, you for the most part would not desire the reverb to be affected by them. In the event that you run a reverb pedal before a contortion for instance, the reverb will be twisted too. This, more often than not, sounds exceptionally brutal and appalling, with almost no tone emphasis.

Outstanding Volume Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarThe reason for using volume pedal is to constrict the entire signal link and enable you to do waves and comparable impacts. A volume pedal enables you to constrict the signal anyplace in the signal link. You can put it after the mixing, enabling a completely contorted signal to be diminished just in volume and not quality. You can likewise put a volume pedal behind a deferral. Utilizing a volume pedal basically gives you significantly greater adaptability that is critical relying upon what sort of tunes you perform, and how important the volume constriction is for your playing style. The best thing about volume pedals is the way that you can control volume all the more effortlessly and with significantly more exactness. On the off chance that you have ever utilized expression pedals of any sort, you have an idea of the kind of precision that can be achieved.

Best Tremolo Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarThe entire thought behind a tremolo pedal is to have a circuit that will change the volume of your signal at a specific recurrence. The regular and maximum amount of volume will be whatever you are providing to the pedal, while the least level of volume will be controlled by the Depth handle on the concerned pedal. Once the impact is turned on, the pedal’s hardware makes a wave bearer signal that quickly changes the abundance of your guitar’s crude signal. At the end of the day, the volume will begin from a fixed value, and be brought down to a specific point, and brought back once more. This sort of swaying creates a wave. Most of the nominal pedals will utilize a basic sine wave, while some of the more developed counterparts will give you a chance to pick between more kinds of waveforms.

Top Looper Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarA looper pedal of a guitar is a great and adaptable device that enables guitarists to explore new melodic measurements. A looper pedal is quite useful and can be utilized as a guitar practice and execution instrument. This looper pedal records small entries played on an instrument and plays them in a rehashing circle. These circles – or loops – can be combined to make complicated rhythms and melodies from layers of sections that are simpler. The general utility of making use of such a pedal is to produce a backup to perform along with. You work a looper pedal with your feet. This allows you to use both your hands to play your guitar. A few looper pedals additionally offer a few unique sources of info so you can likewise record tests with an amplifier. You can also do the same with a CD or mp3 player to blend with your guitar.

Best Multi Effects Pedals – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarDo you know what is better than getting the best features? All of them combined, obviously. This is exactly what the multi effect pedals employ as well. You have all of the effects put together into one singular device. It is definitely very portable: having all of the required effects in one place can be very convenient indeed. There are no patch cables either so it is genuinely completely hassle free. Additionally, it costs less to buy a multi effect pedal than purchasing individual effects. There is also no added price for the pedal panel or supply of power. These multi effects come along with a multitude of built in features as well.

Best Pedal Boards – View Full List

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarA guitar pedal board is a level board or board which fills in as a holder, fix inlet and power supply for effect pedals for electric guitars. Quite a few pedal boards contain their own transformer and supply links, with a specific end goal to control various distinctive pedals. Pedal boards help the player in dealing with various pedals. The whole pedal board can be stuffed up and transported to any particular area without the requirement of dismantling. Pedal boards frequently have a cover which acts to secure the protection of the effects pedals amid transportation. Many a pedal board has wheels or some other sort of apparatus to allow conveyance.


It can be easily concluded that guitarists discover a brand new universe of sound solutions with the discovery of guitar pedals and effect processors. You can now duplicate your most loved melodies and your original tunes with the help of multiprocessors. It is, however, inevitable that a guitarist will venture into the realm of effects at some point or the other. Of course, it is necessary to practice in order to get to the top but a little musical adventure does go a long way. There are a lot of things that may go through your mind before the purchase of these pedals and effects, but always remember: the main thing to look here is at the cost effectiveness and experimentation possibilities. If it goes with your envisioned sound, you must definitely go for it. Go with your instinct and you can never go wrong!

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