Best Guitar Strap 2017

The guitar becomes reliable and comfortable to use when it has the right strap. The right way to find a guitar strap is to focus on the opinions as they are experienced each and every kind of guitar strap. The best thing is that the guitar becomes more reliable to use for a long time if it is connected to the best guitar strap. This is really amazing for guitarist if its guitar is connected through the best guitar strap because it gives the feeling of comfort and joy along with the performance increment.

Here we have few best guitar strap models according to the expert’s opinions and their experience.


Top 5 Best Guitar Straps

Guitar Model
Ernie Ball Black Polypro4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
Protec Guitar Strap4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
Fender 2 Vintage 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
Planet Waves Planet Lock4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
Dunlop D3815CL Tweed4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price

Ernie Ball Black Polypro

This is one of the finest guitar straps, for those who are addicted to long time guitar performances. This guitar strap has the capability to adjust up to 36” to 68” which is nice for each and every kind of body. The best class polypropylene used to make this guitar strap along with the hard 2 wide material. The best benefit of the design and material is that there will be no scratch and color fade problem after a long time too which is more important to seek.

The buyer should be aware of the requirements, but the thing which should be considered here is that the product is totally based on the USA which definitely ensures quality as the belt and strap for guitars from the USA is quite famous. The colour of the strap and the lightweight material makes it awesome for those who have an addiction of long time practice and performance.  

The strap is truly adjustable with the guitars and body line. The best part of this strap is that it has all the compulsory features like colour, durability and balance in economical price which is really awesome. The strap is good for music lovers because of its light weight and best balance. The guitar comfort is highly depended on the guitar strap which should be balanced for all types of bodies and guitars. Check Price

Protec Guitar Strap

This one is perfect for all those musicians who are looking for quality but do not want to overspend on just a strap. So if you are searching for an economical choice then this is the best option for you. It is best to adjust this on the body as it has 41” to 71” capability to make that reliable according to the human body. The best thing, which can’t be forgotten, is that this is made by the best leather that rarely gets cracks or other damages.

This is famous because of its economical price and the durability offered by the material. This strap has the flexibility to it, but with the proper strength. The strap with the best design and high durability can be considered to be the Best Guitar strap. The best thing is that it is light weighted and stronger and it is not easy to find this combination at this time easily in a reasonable price range. The most important part of this strap is that it is adjustable and there are no requirements for any changes in the guitar while at the time of connecting this to instruments. Check Price

Fender 2 Vintage

This guitar strap comes along with the best color protection along with the durability for long life which is really awesome and makes this product perfect for all kinds of customers. One of the best things is that it can be adjusted with all kinds of guitars. The rare model along with the vintage color and best tweed materials makes this truly amazing. The extra material on the edges is covered by the golden color, which makes this ultimate.

This is really amazing to have a comfortable guitar playing experience at all the times because music is the name of peace and joy. The feeling comes when the heart and mind are in peace and without feelings and emotions there is no music. So, it’s really awesome to enjoy the best guitar experience at all the time.

The best thing is that the color and style both are awesome which gives a feeling of confidence. The best part of this strap is that this is light weighted and strong enough to bear the weight of the guitar for the longest time without any problem. It is really awesome to have the comfort on the shoulders at the time of playing the guitar. The soothing of soul and wonderful experience of music is the real peace and joy in the life which comes to the comfort. Check Price

Planet Waves Planet Lock

The color and shining of this strap make this best in all aspects. The feeling of comfort with the best style is enough to enhance the confidence of the guitarist at all times. The end position of the strap is covered by the genuine leather which is quite strong and stylish.

Although, this is a little bit heavier it is more comfortable to play the music for a long time without any stress as it is a highly comfortable strap. The best thing is that it has several colours like a rainbow which makes it beautiful. This strap offers the ability to adjust up to 38” to 68” which is perfect for all kinds of human bodies either it is tall or short and fat or slim.

The colours are the life of this world and there are a lot of people who love colours. The best part of this strap is that it is more colourful than others. The main thing is that it is really amazing to wear up at the time of performance as it provides an amazing sense of confidence. This is not only for style but increase the performance too, because of its comfort pattern which gives the feeling of joy and helps to bind the rhythm of the music.

The light weighted strap can be the best guitar strap for coloured guitar strap lovers. The one more thing which is considered in this product is that there are so many straps which are short generally but this one has a good amount of length which makes this perfect for all kinds of people. So, this strap with colour, style and pattern is the best combination especially for certain kinds of musicians who wish to experiment with colour.

One of the best things is that there are so many colors of in this range such as green, red, black and blue etc. So, it’s very interesting to choose the best colour according to your guitar. Check Price

Dunlop D3815CL Tweed

The design of this guitar stand is Poly woven which is truly amazing as it has the ability of best durability in any situation. It is the perfect match for all kinds of guitars whether it is electric or acoustic. The length is enough for all kinds of people which is truly amazing.

So, the design with the zebra crossing on this strap makes this perfect for all kinds of guitars. Check Price


The best thing which is come out after this long discussion is that a guitar should be properly settled with a guitar strap because without this, it’s not possible to have the enhancement in performance. Secondly, there are so many types of guitar straps available at this time, that, you need to always make sure which is suitable for your guitar and performance increment.

The help from the experts or experience holders should be considered at the time of selecting the guitar strap but listen to your heart too as you will use that, try to go for a trial, and if it is perfect for your music or guitar then just go for it. The music is the wave of the soul, which needs peace and comfort at the time of performance. This is why, all the requirements are necessary but comfort is always a priority, which comes with the instrumental holders like straps so, it is truly necessary at all times for guitars. So, if you are thinking of buying a guitar make sure to try out these straps!

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