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Firstly, let us discuss something about the music. The word music came from the Greek word mousike which means “Art of the Muses”. Music is a sound that is made up of rhythm, melody or harmony. In another way, we can say that music is an ancient art of producing sound through various mediums such as flute, drum, guitar, etc. Musical instruments holders are called gig bags. The word gig refers to musician jargon for live performance or concerts. These bag brands sometimes can also be used to examine the performer personality. Gig bags works as a perfect safeguard for instruments made of sturdy synthetic fabric or genuine leather. Gig bags have at least one transport handle as well as two shoulder straps, with which the device can be held like a backpack on the back. All most all gig bags have outside pockets for a range of accessories for example -notes, gadget cables, and care products for the instrument. Gig bag’s unique lightweight quality differentiates them from the other bags. However, a few musicians will hold both soft gig bags and hard shell cases for their instruments. In this manner, they can use the gig bag for sectional rehearsals, session work, and use the hard shell case at the time when their device will check onto airline luggage. These big bags are available in so many brands such as Ibanez, Stagg, Bajaao, Tama, Native Instruments, Magma, Mono Creators, Ultimate, Pioneer, T-Rex, Sound x, Magnum, MOOG,  Gruv Gear,  Yamaha, etc. Now, let’s proceed with some of the reviews of these brands.


Top 5 Best Gig Bags

Guitar Model
Gator Cases GBE-ELECT4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
Hola! Deluxe Padded Electric 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
On-Stage GBB45504.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)Check Price
MONO M804.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)Check Price
Hola! Deluxe Padded Acoustic4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)Check Price

Gator Cases GBE-ELECT

These gator GBE-ElECT model for electric guitars are commonly available in two size- Normal as well as mini. If you want to buy bags at a reasonable price with reliable protection, then gator bags is the best choice for your GBE-electric guitars. Their innovative designs will allow you to keep most fragile parts of the instruments fully protected with an organised storage space. These gig bags give complete protection from damage because of its 10mm inner nylon padding. This product offers a significant amount of storage space for tuners, sheet music, strings, pickups and other accessories. These Gator bags can be used for long term duration purpose. These cases are also suitable for travel purposes such as regular outings for guitar lessons and concerts. They will also provide you with the separate storage facility for all kinds of accessories for example stands and other gears. Users can expect, beautiful and perfectly fit covers, easy to manage, stable and adjustable straps to carry instruments. Guaranteed products with easy to understand manuals. Check Price

Hola! Deluxe Padded Electric

The MUS267297 is one of the most popular electric guitars sold by Hola! music and is used by almost all professional guitarists. The gig bags used for Hola! deluxe padded electric guitar has waterproof nylon outer covering. It is the Best Gig Bag in this price range. These bags are available in 14-inch full size, and other sizes are also there in bulk quantities. Some of these gig bags work as an instruments holder used for standard Electric Guitars such as Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul. These bags have an important role in the life of musicians because they are the protector of their most precious thing. This is why they are the perfect gift for any musician. Each and every model has special features with varied designs and patterns. It’s a long lasting product with an extra storage facility and multiple handles for carrying purposes. A soft fabric material, along with a strong covering will guard the surface of your guitar against dents and scratches. You can buy this product on any e-commerce website with free shipping. Check Price

On-Stage GBB4550

This Guitar Bag is prepared from a nylon material and used to fit any electric, acoustic, classical or bass guitars. It is made from 600-D nylon material which protects it from rain and is trouble-free to clean. There is also an inside liner, 2-pull zipper and a front zip pocket to hold pickups or removable strings and backpack straps. Versatile and customized strong straps to make it comfortable for musicians to carry heavy instruments. Two handles are attached to back and front of bag for strong support. On-Stage GBB4550 model guitar bag is the Best Gig Bag for new users, available at low price, and is perfect to use for minor end guitars. This on- stage series has varied no of products accessible in gig bags. Although each user has different opinions for a similar product, it’s all up to you to take your final decision about the purchase. Check Price


The fresh and creative design of the M80 series gig bags protects the whole body of the guitar without any outer harm. This will allow you to unzip and effortlessly take out your guitar from the top without putting it down flat. These bags have built-in padding block which allows to, keep the tuning pegs far from the sides of the case at the time of transport. Perfect material and triple strong tech make this product extremely durable and long lasting which is very important for the professionals who are travelling all the time with their instruments. These bags have organised zippers and handles, with good storage capacity for different accessories. Unique upper and lower device pockets with built-in cable management tech. It’s a full fit case for various electric guitars such as Fender Strat, LP- style and Ibanez. These cases also come in dual designs for placing two instruments. Although this product doesn’t have all qualities that a professional might need, still in this price range it is the best bag for any musician. Check Price

Hola! Deluxe Padded Acoustic

The Hola! brand gig bags are the best choice for you to showcase your instrument as a musician. The Hol-2882 Hola! bag is made from hard thick nylon material and can fit standard Acoustic and Classical guitars up to 41 inches in length. This gig bag has two pockets for carrying various accessories as well as dual changeable shoulder straps. Hola! has the highest rating for their gig bags among customers. These bags are also available for other instruments as well such as Mandolins, Banjos, resonator guitars, lap steels, etc. Hola! has guaranteed quality products with proper organisation space and durability. These Hola! bags are highly recommended, and there is a huge demand among the musicians.The company have launched these gig bags in the market only after a complete understanding of design ideas and layouts. The primary focus is on the customer comfort zone, device protection and storage. Check Price


If you are still confused then there are a few pointers for you to make your choice much more simple! No matter which brand you are buying always make sure that the gig bag feels a little heavy. You must be wondering why anyone would go for something heavier when there are lightweight options available in the market. Well while these lightweight cases are good too, but they are more apt for the amateurs and cannot withstand the daily wear and tear which is common in the case of the professional musicians.

Another common issue that you may face is with the wide range of bass guitars and other instruments that you may need to carry along with you throughout the entire tour. There are different gig bags that can accommodate various instruments. So while going through the range of products from a particular brand make sure to check out the exact instruments that they are meant for. Only the right gig bag will be able to provide the correct amount of protection and safety to your precious instruments. Not just this you must also consider the kind of gig bag suited for the instrument you are using i.e, soft case or hard case.

As  there are dual gig bags that can hold multiple instruments you need to be cautious while buying one. The problem with these designs is that if the strap is not strong enough to support the weight of the additional instruments then it will hurt your shoulders. So checking the straps is very important in the case of dual bags. But  if you are a professional then these dual designs will be perfect for you as  it will not only give you more room for other instruments but will also be much more convenient for you to carry so many things during a music tour. Well now that you know all about gig bags log on and start your search for the perfect storage option for your guitar!

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